November 9th, 2018

2018 CMS awards first scholarshipCM Solutions awarded its first scholarship through WTS Los Angeles, an international organization dedicated to advancing women in the field of transportation. Robyn Coates, CM Solutions’ founder and CEO, presented this scholarship of $2,500 to Mia Ford at WTS Los Angeles’ Annual Awards Dinner on November 8, 2018.CM Solutions created this scholarship to help young women with natural abilities in math and sciences to overcome barriers to great careers in STEM fields. “Girls are still underrepresented in the science and technology fields,” says Robyn. “I was the only female in a lot of my engineering classes, and even this year at my son’s college I noticed there was only 1 girl in an orientation of 40.”Robyn believes women have a lot to contribute to the field of engineering with their interpersonal and leadership skills. Yet in spite of the natural ability many women have, they still often lack exposure, encouragement and/or resources to pursue these careers.CM Solutions is pleased to support Mia Ford in her educational goals. Ms. Ford is a senior at Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets High School who plans to eventually earn her master’s degree in math. She especially enjoys learning physics, math, and digital arts. As she accepted her award, Ms. Ford expressed that she is inspired by her mom and her sister.CM Solutions partnered with WTS Los Angeles for the scholarship because WTS-LA is a vibrant organization with many great models for young women. It is committed to advancing women, and the field of transportation has many great math and engineering careers.

About CM Solutions

CM Solutions is a certified small, woman-owned business that specializes in project controls for large, complex construction projects, providing cost, schedule and risk solutions to public agencies, construction management firms, and contractors. CM Solutions’ clients trust their best-in-class consultants to maximize profitability through effective strategic planning and project controls.