About CM Solutions

Since 2001, CM Solutions (CMS) has been specializing in project controls to help contractors, owners and agencies in both the private and public sectors save time and money and avoid conflicts through proven construction management services, including cost engineering, scheduling, estimating, and claims resolution.

An Exceptional Professional Team

Given CMS’s long-standing passion and focus on project controls, we provide only exceptional people to fill staff augmentation and consulting assignments including cost engineering, CPM scheduling, change management, estimating, and claims consulting.

Our Client is First Priority

Our years of experience have taught us that our first priority is to fully understand our client’s business and culture. Only then can we effectively resonate with their team. By working together, we are able to bring greater control, producing higher profits, and peace of mind.

Project Controls for Increased Profitability

Increased project control will provide the visibility needed to make the best possible decisions on a project and program wide basis. This will inevitably lead to costs savings and increases profits. Contact CMS to see how your projects may benefit from improved project control.CMS is a certified DBE/WBE/SBE/LBE firm specializing in construction project controls and project management.
Construction Management Solutions specializes in project controls