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Tracking the Procurement Process

Many projects that involve the creation of a product from a completed set of plans, specifications, and/or other contract documents must present material and equipment to the project owner or their representative for approval prior to installation of the material and/or equipment within the project. In most cases, the material and/or equipment cannot be ordered, purchased, or fabricated prior to the owner’s representative granting approval that the material and/or equipment conforms to the contract documents…

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Critics Can’t Find the Logic in Many of Today’s CPM Schedules

By Richard Korman with Stephen H. Daniels

Four scheduling experts, all deeply experienced in the critical path method (CPM) that uses math to draw network diagrams of a project schedule, met recently in a restaurant just outside Philadelphia. The purpose was to discuss a new unit at the Project Management Institute, in Newtown Square, Pa. The College of Scheduling they have launched would promote “the fundamentals of project management” and encourage “a free exchange of ideas.”

One of the reasons for starting the college is disconcerting. What is described as a CPM schedule these days sometimes isn’t one at all, the four experts claim. If that claim is true, it says a lot about how personal computers have transformed scheduling and what could be in store as technology reshapes other phases of the construction process…

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