June 7th, 2015

Planning for adverse weather and modeling that planning in the project schedule is an essential practice for successful projects. This recommended practice (RP) for planning for adverse weather is intended to provide a guideline, not to establish a standard. It provides guidelines developed primarily for engineering and capital construction projects but can be adapted for any type of project or program where weather planning is required.Read More Here READ ARTICLE

June 1st, 2015

So how much would you spend on a full time scheduler? More correctly put, how much scheduler can you afford?The task of CPM scheduling is very heavily front-loaded with the creation of the Baseline schedule. The balance of a scheduler’s time is running Monthly Updates or implementing weekly changes. The hours utilized performing the tasks of an average schedule mean that an experienced scheduler for a company would only be productive for less than 20% of a 2,000-hour year.National… READ ARTICLE

May 25th, 2015

Many projects that involve the creation of a product from a completed set of plans, specifications, and/or other contract documents must present material and equipment to the project owner or their representative for approval prior to installation of the material and/or equipment within the project. In most cases, the material and/or equipment cannot be ordered, purchased, or fabricated prior to the owner’s representative granting approval that the material and/or equipment conforms to the… READ ARTICLE

May 5th, 2015

By Richard Korman with Stephen H. DanielsFour scheduling experts, all deeply experienced in the critical path method (CPM) that uses math to draw network diagrams of a project schedule, met recently in a restaurant just outside Philadelphia. The purpose was to discuss a new unit at the Project Management Institute, in Newtown Square, Pa. The College of Scheduling they have launched would promote “the fundamentals of project management” and encourage “a free exchange of ideas.”One of the… READ ARTICLE

April 11th, 2015

America’s professional Construction Managers can support Owners with a proven strategy to deliver the best possible projects, on time and within budget. Pressure is falling on Owners, who will confront complex issues in every area from site preparation to technology infrastructure, from builder selection to the finishing touches before “opening day.” Handling these issues assures on-time delivery, within-budget projects that meet your needs. But it also puts huge demands on your time and… READ ARTICLE